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The knowledge of the self

is fundamental....

Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869 - 1955) was an Australian actor reciter whose voice went hoarse during performances. As neither medical treatment nor resting his voice solved his problem, he became convinced that his hoarseness was caused by something that he was doing to himself while reciting.

In his search for a solution, Alexander made extraordinary discoveries about thinking and movement.The practical implications of these discoveries were immense. By learning to direct his mental processes and physical activities in a more conscious reasoning way, Alexander was able to overcome not only all of his previous difficulties with vocal production. Alexander started to enjoy a higher quality of life - in his health, functioning and well-being. Students whom he had taught also enjoyed these benefits. Alexander soon recognised that his work was about the development of human potential.

Alexander enjoyed a quality of life which was beyond his imaginings, and he believed that we can all learn to do this for ourselves.

Not only has the Alexander Technique helped me swim,cycle and run more efficiently,
it has changed how I use my body in everyday situations,
giving me more energy throughout the day.

David H, IT Consultant

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