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Everyone who is willing to learn Alexander's work can benefit.

I have taught musicians, athletes, actors, builders, gardeners, office workers, pregnant women, senior citizens, doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, young mothers, chiropractors, dentists, nurses, business people, academics, gymnasts, artists, hairdressers, social workers, psychotherapists, lawyers, teachers, accountants...

They have all benefited.

We can all learn to live our everyday life with more ease, freedom and well-being. Learn how we are designed to work and play, and then apply that knowledge in a practical manner can help EVERYONE.

It can help with activities from sitting more comfortably, walking with greater ease, to playing the violin more easily and playing better golf.

The Alexander Technique is an educational process. It teaches us to use more practical intelligence in order to enjoy more freedom and ease in everything we do. We can make continual progress for the rest of our lives in anything we choose to do. The capacity for improvement and realizing our full potential is limitless.

  • I am interested in general self-improvement. Can the Technique help me?

      Yes. The Alexander technique teaches you to be more efficient in everything you do. Regardless of what your starting point is, there is always room for improvement. Efficiency is about exploring the most effective way to do any task at hand.

  • I don't seem to have any specific problems but I am interested in taking preventive measures before I develop any problems. How can the Technique help me?

      The Alexander Technique is one of the best preventive tools for maintaining a high level of functioning and well-being in your life. The Technique teaches you to make continual improvement in the standard of your general functioning.

  • Can the Alexander Technique help me if I have specific medical problems?

      The Alexander Technique does not deal directly with any specific medical problems. However, many people who suffer from medical conditions commonly develop reactive strategies to cope with their condition. Unknown to them, these very strategies can be ones which add to their long term problems. These reactions often involve creating unnecessary muscular tension which they mistakenly attribute to their medical problems. The Technique helps you to address these issues. Consequently, after students have adopted more helpful strategies, they report great improvement even though we have not dealt with the specific medical problems.

  • I am in my 60s, am I too old to learn?

    My oldest pupil is in her early 90s and she has not stopped improving!

    I enjoy and look forward to the lessons. Estella is very open and down to earth.
    Maria N, Ex-Teacher

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