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Not only has the Alexander Technique helped me swim, cycle and run more efficiently,
it has changed how I use my body in everyday situations,
giving me more energy throughout the day.'

David H, IT Consultant

We were grateful for the Alexander lessons
which helped us scale to the height of 4773 metres on our first trek to Nepal.

We surprised our porters and other trekkers by how remarkably well we were doing
despite our age and our lack of previous experience of these terrain.

The AT taught us to focus intelligently on what we were doing in the moment
rather than worrying about our next objective many hours ahead.

Anne and Malcolm V,Retired couple

Estella’s passion for the Alexander Technique is contagious.
I went to my first lesson full of expectation and was not disappointed!
If you are interested in this technique then you couldn’t wish for a better introduction.

Jo W,Designer

Studying the Alexander technique with Estella
has quite simply revolutionised my life in so many different aspects.

My back pain has disappeared, my thinking has changed,
my professional practice has changed,
and I continue each day to be amazed by the wonder of the AT.

Estella is the most wonderful teacher, patient, insightful, experienced and enthusiastic.
I would recommend the AT with Estella to anyone.

Ritesh M,GP

I sought out a teacher of the Alexander Technique
when the neck pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis became more than I could bear.

I had known of the Alexander Technique for many years but had always felt reluctant to try it
because I was sure I was going to be told to sit up straight and stop slouching!
It hasn't been like that at all.

The lessons with Estella have been so much fun.
We laugh all the time.
She was quickly able to help me with the neck pain
and I slowly began to learn how I had been causing
so much of my pain without even realising it.

The Alexander Technique doesn't treat medical conditions,
but it can make a huge difference in the way we react to them.
In my case, I had developed the typical robotic manner of many people with RA,
with a neck that was almost completely locked.
For so long I had been using my muscles to brace myself against any movement that may hurt me.

The lessons with Estella have helped me to live much more freely in my own body:
more relaxed, with more mobility, more able to breathe easily,
and, very important to me, with a lot less pain.

Kath H,Physicist

I went to Estella because I wanted to sing in a choir
but my voice was tight and small.

Estella helped me to understand the tension I was creating in my throat and the rest of my body,
how that was hampering the quality of sound and why my throat felt tight.

I now sing four hours a week, am in two choirs and join another on special occasions;
I don’t have my old problems and I enjoy myself thoroughly.

Sue G,Retired Teacher

I have seen so many improvements in myself and others
on both physical and mental planes,
that I now have no hesitation in
recommending this technique to anyone interested in self-improvement.'

Katherine D, Research Scientist

A very friendly environment where I feel comfortable
working with a high quality teacher of the technique

Andy C,Physics PhD student

The Alexander Technique has helped me become more flexible
both physically and mentally.

I now approach life in a more relaxed and confident manner.
Everyday activities are becoming less effort and more enjoyable.
The pain I used to experience daily has greatly reduced
in intensity and regularity.

Prior to the Alexander technique I had believed this pain
to be the inevitable consequence of spinal surgery
and that it was going to get worse with age.

This belief, as with many other beliefs, has proved to be ill-founded.
It has been very valuable to learn to make more reasoning assessments of my beliefs.'

Jane T,Physiotherapist

Studying the Alexander Technique has given me the confidence
to question anything I think I know
and to try something different instead.

Karen W, Teacher

I began taking Alexander lessons with Estella,
because for many years I have suffered with chronic back pain,
which had imposed severe restrictions on my professional and personal life.
In particular, I wanted to get back to my fitness routine.
That was all I was expecting from the lessons.

However, with Estella's guidance and patient challenging,
all wrapped up in a warm smile and a sense of humour,
I was able to not only return to a fitness programme,
but I also began to notice other significant changes.

For example, I am much more relaxed and much less reactive than I used to be.
I now enjoy a much greater degree of physical and mental freedom.
And, best of all, I feel my journey has only just begun.

John C, Retired Senior Probation Officer

The Alexander technique has been a life changing experience
and has transformed my whole outlook.

Having suffered regularly from unnecessary tension and severe confidence issues,
I now feel calmer, more in control
and able to take on new challenges.

Estella has been a fantastic teacher;
her approach of taking everyday activities and allowing the student the freedom
to develop a better understanding of underlying issues has been invaluable.

I recommend it for everyone.

Deepa E, Teacher

AT has taught me that I have more control of my thought and movement than I ever realised I had.

I always felt as if I never knew where my body was supposed to be
and so to discover that I needed to learn to do less rather than more
was nothing short of a revelation.

The benefits after just six months are startling but, even better, they show no signs of abating.

Mark N,Musician

I felt freedom in my body after starting lessons with Estella,
and the best part of it is that she encourages her students
to realise that the freedom we gain through her is at our fingertips at any moment
through our attention to our use and our thinking.

Jess S,Teacher

What is most enriching about learning the Alexander Technique
is the experience of meeting my Self in the present moment,
knowing that it is potentially a place of freedom and change.

Catrin T,Teacher and Music Therapist

The Alexander Technique has enabled me to embark on an intriguing learning pathway
which allows me to explore my thinking, motivation and assumptions
in relation to more or less every aspect of my life.

It has helped me to explore and make more reasoned choices and decisions,
not only concerning movement and activity
but also more complex and long term issues
relating to the development of my and others' potential.

Helen R ,Teacher Trainer in Adult Education

The comments below are subjective reports that pupils have given as a result of their lessons with me. These comments are not to be construed as evidence arising from medical research, nor as being generalisable to other cases. Each person's encounter with the AT is unique.

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